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24-09-2015 02:09:33 PM

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From hearing their first cries to waving while they set off for college, a child’s education is a journey that is marvellous and nothing short of eventful! The moment a child is born, he soaks in his environment using the five senses he’s never had to use before. From here on, he will never stop learning and observing.

As children grow, their curiosity grows with them! After a couple of years, they are ready to be thrust into a world of play and social activities. And this is where we, Alacris Preschool, come in!

We believe that learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom or at a desk. For children, learning is all around; in the air, on the ground and even in the trees! This is exactly what our philosophy entails.

Focusing on “How to Learn” instead of “What to Learn” is our key priority. Getting the child settled into the learning framework ensures no difficulty grasping concepts later on. Enriching their lives in a nurturing environment at a young age makes a world of difference in their forthcoming attitude towards learning.

Parents are their children’s first teachers. Tasks like tying their shoe laces, feeding and dressing themselves are imbibed by the children through the gentle guidance of their parents. The same parental influence if continued throughout preschool benefits the child in many ways. They will be confident, self-assured and happy individuals!

To keep the parent-child connection strong at a preschool stage, we’ve developed a host of Parent Engagement Activities. Your child’s education is really a team effort, one that involves both of us! You and your child will learn hand in hand during this incredible journey, solidifying your bond even further. Our activities include:

  • Educational Workshops- All the information is at your fingertips with our various workshops specifically to guide parents.
  • Support in Classroom Activities- Come, be a part of your child’s learning experience. Sit in on classes, teach and help the learning cycle go on!
  • Volunteering for School Events- Whether it’s a bake sale, or a field trip, you can always be a part of your child’s preschool activities.
  • Interactive Open House Sessions- Here’s where we answer all questions and the floor is open to discussion! Meet with our teachers and talk over your child’s progress.
  • Alacris Parent Lounge - An area exclusive to parents; this is a hub for interacting with other parents and teachers.

Take the first step with us and we’ll nurture your child’s first steps into learning with abundant patience and unstinting encouragement!


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