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It’s not our job, to make children learn. It’s to simply make them want to learn.  

Choosing a preschool for your child can be a daunting task, especially when you think of all the possibilities that this decision could lead to. There are elaborate schemes, which focuses on preparing children for formal education but there aren’t many programs that gives kids the right foundation and activates their natural desire to learn. The thing to remember is that children enter preschool, like little sponges, absorbing as much as they can. So, in the process of looking for the best preschool in Chennai, t is important to make the sponge as porous as possible, and not clog it. While you are trying to protect your child’s artistic free fall, don’t forget to lay down a catch net. They can only draw the lines, but you have to connect the dots.

On the first day of preschool, letting go of your hand will be the hardest thing your child will have to do.  Preschool will be their first touch point with the outside world; taken away from the security of their homes, your child will be put in a place where everyone looks alien. They have no idea what to expect and that overwhelms them .The best thing to happen for them here, is finding their safe place. A place they can continue to call home, being far from it. Their social security will prompt them into becoming natural learners rather than forced ones. While their IQ is being developed, their EQ should become an equal priority. We, at Alacris Preschool in Chennai make sure that consistency becomes the key in a child’s development. Their routine sets anticipation, followed by a gradual neck peek into a world they’ve just begun to enter.

Consistency is never firm, until failure intervenes. Your child needs to understand that failing does not make you any less of a person than you already are. You can take your child to the best preschool in Chennai, but there are some things that remain innate to a parent – child relationship. One such thing is teaching your child that failing is okay. If you can show him that failure is not the worst thing that could happen, they will step through life with that added courage. You could take your child for a drive, make a wrong turn and say, “Oops, I think I made a wrong turn. I’ll turn back again.” Such simple gestures will suffice. The biggest barrier for creativity and learning is the fear of failure. As adults, we ourselves tend to not try new things, owing to that very fear. Which is why, it is important to demonstrate to kids that failing is okay. Once the child gets past the fear of failure and learns that it is okay to make mistakes, it will help keep their innate desire to learn, intact as they grow up.

Raking in a child’s attention is always a herculean task. They flit from one thing to another, and a preschool offers them that liberty, but back at home, it’s necessary to create cues that will make them see the relevance of what they learnt at school. Keeping out a chart paper and crayons for him/her to color or the building blocks that the child played with at school, will gradually increase their attention span. As the cues increase, their ability to stay at tasks will grow longer.

These are chief reasons why, at Alacris we emphasis on the importance of parent-teacher collaboration for the benefit of the children.

Alacris is one of the leading preschools in Chennai. We have strived to encourage as much diversity as possible so that kids learn to adapt and accommodate, thereby becoming a team player.  At Alacris Preschool, the hands-on approach makes the children more independent, and helps them think for themselves. We encourage curiosity and nurture creativity. At Alacris, we believe in laying a foundation for kids’ learning trajectory, both in and out of school.



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