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28-07-2016 11:07:44 AM

How much is too much?

“Children must master the language of things, before they maser the language of words” - Friedrich Froebel

The world outside is a rat race and parents try to prepare their kids for this race, from the minute they are born. While this is too much already, once children enter preschool, they might have it worse. The innate curiosity that children are born with is constantly belittled by the pressure they face. Strict attention to rules, procedures and rote memorization techniques, has found its way to playschools. But aren’t playschools meant for playing, after all? Like there is no substitute for education, there is no substitute for play time.

In an attempt to enroll their kids in the best playschool, parents unwittingly push their kids through grueling school procedures, which hinder their natural development. This becomes counterproductive to early childhood education.

At Alacris Preschool in Chennai, fostering a child’s natural development is given the utmost importance. We also ensure kids get the right balance of learning and fun. But a preschooler has only limited attention span and grasping power, which is natural. The concept of numbers, for example, is not something that children can grasp, until the age of 5. Till that time, it’ll just be a series of shapes and colors that invigorate the child’s mind. The basics are important for any kind of learning to happen.

At Alacris, we focus on laying the foundation right and encouraging kids to explore more by giving them the creative freedom. If their curiosity is harnessed, their learning ability and capacity naturally and effectively increases as they grow up.

More than focusing on their child’s wellbeing, parents tend to focus on the competition out there. Competition among toddlers? That’s a cause for serious concern. Parents are keen on enrolling their child in playschools, a year earlier so as to give them a supposed headstart into formal education. The truth is that this head start does more harm than good, for the child. A child who has attended preschool at an earlier age will not calculate any faster than the child who attended pre school at an appropriate age. This is why, at Alacris, the syllabus and the corresponding activities, are always age-appropriate.

What kids learn naturally cannot be substituted by learning that’s forced. It’s like pouring water into a cup that’s already full. The excess information just slides off their brain. Studies have in fact shown that excessive dumping of concepts and information, actually stunts their development in later years.

This fear of their children not being “good enough” causes alarm amongst educators and parents across the world, thus churning out schemes to push their kids through academic programs even earlier. It’s a vicious circle, a one that’s only going to get worse with time. Play schools in Chennai as well as parents, need to recognize this cause-effect phenomena before settling on the most obvious yet least correct alternative. Choose the right preschool, because your child’s early education is the foundation of their life.


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