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08-08-2016 02:08:01 PM

Be more comforting as they step out of their comfort zone.


“If Hitler were a father, do you think he would have ever sieged or “blitzkreiged” Poland?”- Anonymous

Children around the age of 3, start developing their concept of self. They begin to see themselves as entities, separate from their parents. This opinion of the self is something that parents need to carefully aid, for a cohesive lifelong development. So, it’s natural that parents shower their child with attention that involves appreciation with the gusto of a gladiator fight audience. Stepping further, parents will start looking for the best pre nursery that their child should get admitted into. Coddled with all the love and care, children are now admitted into a pre nursery, where they are not the center of the universe anymore. They have to vie for the attention of their teachers, their playmates and naturally this concludes them to assume that their parents too. It’s a delicate thread that they walk on, which teeters between something called unconditional love and total disregard. While pre nursery kids are not fine tuned to the balance between these two worlds, parents have to take a conscious to ensure the child doesn’t feel ignored.

At this juncture, it’s the little things that count!


  • Acknowledge, but appropriately

A child who craves attention, will most likely repeat behaviors that are constantly reinforced (anger, chiding or anything of that sort). The attention- deprived child is not necessarily looking for commiserations on their good behavior. In such cases you can very easily turn the situation around, by acknowledging your child, when he/she is doing something good. Everytime you do this, the notion that the child has to be brash to receive attention will fade away, leaving your child feeling confident of your love.


  • Swap stories, not your attention

Bedtimes are one of the best ways to connect with your child. This will make for a perfect parent-child bonding activity and form an integral part of their life. You can swap stories, tell them anecdotes and put them to sleep. It reinforces your child’s trust in you, letting their worries of being sidelined in your life, become minimal and eventually eliminated.


  • Devote your time, don’t time your devotion

Pre nursery kids love it when you look them in the eye and talk to them. They listen to the sound of your voice, the way you respond to them and the enthusiasm you show when they tell you something. If you look into your phone or not pay full attention to them, during a conversation with your child, they will subconsciously perceive it as disinterest and eventually, stop sharing or opening up to you.

  • Playtime is serious

Playing with your kids is another great way to show that you care. Partaking in their games, however silly it may seem, helps the child bond with you instantly, it’s the “right now” approach that makes children appreciate their time with you and feel like they are an integral part of your life. Even if there is a pressing issue that you can’t avoid, giving your child a little time or even just putting it to him lovingly, that you’ll be there for them as soon as your work is done, does the trick.

  • Consistency is key

Be consistent. While your child is still in his/her adjustment phase, it is very important for you to show consistency in whatever it is that you do for them. It is the most powerful way to reinforce that your child is still the centre of your attention. This in turn, prevents the budding confusion in your child that will become the root of his/her self doubt in the future.


Your children leave cues, and never subtly, about the way they feel, what they want and how they want it. When your child gets admitted into a pre nursery, it is important that you become extra sensitive to those cues, which get fainter yet more distinct as time passes. We, at Alacris Preschool understand your child’s evolving needs and chart comprehensive parent engagement activities. This is what makes Alacris unique and one of the best pre nurseries in Chennai.


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