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Parent Engagement Program by Mrs Padma Srinath | Language Acquisition through ELPS

Language acquisition is a process. All children revel at experiences because it stimulates all the senses!! This means that becoming comfortable in a language takes more than the simple step of knowing experience leads to the desire of expression for which we need appropriate  words. Children internalize the capacity to understand the way a word is used by listening to the usage. Research bears out that children need to hear a word sometimes 30 times before they feel comfortable to use it themselves. Thus they have to hear the word repeated many times to make it their own vocabulary.

Then they will be able to use words in sentences to communicate. Unlike the traditional model where children directly jump to learning he alphabet symbols, Alacris focuses on giving children experiences which they are excited to talk to others. This is indeed fertile ground to build their language. We give exposure and build interest through reading and play acting stories, puppet shows, rhymes, music and movement, thus creating experiences for the children. The pictures and the symbols in the story books, is the third part of the process. Picture books and art work in and around the school simultaneously gives them a curiosity to ask and get responses all of which use language. “Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.” 

Thus when there is Experience and this is shared through Language, which is recorded through Pictures either on paper or in the child’s mind, the mind seeks different ways to record the same and is finally ready to learn the letters of the alphabet which are auditory Symbols through which we can spell a word. This is the way the process works best.

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