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Alacris preschool will take care about your kids, it provides nursery, kindergarten, primary schools, for more details visit Alacris preschool. We started admissions for your child’s.
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Through our programs we deliver curriculum that has a holistic approach and incorporates time honored early childhood education frameworks. These programs are crafted keeping in mind the need of the children and foster their natural development.

Alacris | LKG- 3.5yrs to 4.5yrs

The child is guided in preparatory foundation skills of ‘how to learn’. Group participation and self-regulation are hallmarks of this phase.
Since this phase is a period of vocabulary explosion, a lot of reading and conversing will occur. The children will be introduced to group organisation and basic rules of social interaction. A great deal of structured activities such as threading beads, waling on a line, holding hands to stay as pairs, engage in sharing activities and the beginnings of group play will take place.

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