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Alacris preschool will take care about your kids, it provides nursery, kindergarten, primary schools, for more details visit Alacris preschool. We started admissions for your child’s.
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Through our programs we deliver curriculum that has a holistic approach and incorporates time honored early childhood education frameworks. These programs are crafted keeping in mind the need of the children and foster their natural development.

Pre-Nursery (1.5 – 2.5 years)

This is the child’s first step towards social engagement in small groups. The focus will be on helping the child take initiatives, driven by their own instincts.

At this stage, children harbour a fascination with the animal world, an attraction to rhyme, rhythm and song and use a great deal of muscle activity and coordination.

Incorporating independent play activities, observation through nature walks, listening to stories and words and engagement in simple games, the children seek opportunities to take the initiative on all that they think they can do and will be encouraged in the area.

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