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Alacris preschool will take care about your kids, it provides nursery, kindergarten, primary schools, for more details visit Alacris preschool. We started admissions for your child’s.
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Through our programs we deliver curriculum that has a holistic approach and incorporates time honored early childhood education frameworks. These programs are crafted keeping in mind the need of the children and foster their natural development.

Alacris | UKG - 4.5 yrs to 5.5 yrs

Group-based interactions, besides individual learning, are emphasised in this phase. Transitions are smooth with self-regulation and logical adaptation to common situations.
This is the age to establish skills of writing and how to create words with letter sounds. The foundation is to see how children can create the number line rather than learn it by rote sequentially.
In the last term of this phase, for a period of an hour daily, children will be put through the conventional curriculum rendered in schools to enable them gain entry into the conventional system schools.

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